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Course Syllabus

VFX Syllabus

Visual Effects Pro - 15 Lectures

  • Lecture 1- AE_Introduction of after effect and Installation
  • Lecture 2- AE_Starting working with after effect
  • Lecture 3-AE_Concept of animation in after effect
  • Lecture 4 AE_Motion Graphic Animation Designing Part-1
  • Lecture 5 AE_Motion Graphic Animation Designing Part-2
  • Lecture 6 AE_Text Animation Concept
  • Lecture 7 AE_Advance Text Animation Concept
  • Lecture 8 AE_Typography Animation
  • Lecture 9 AE_How to Make Smooth Animation
  • Lecture 10 AE_ Parenting Concept and Animation Creation using Parent
  • Lecture 11 AE_Render Using Media Encoder
  • Lecture 12 AE_Render Using After Effects
  • Lecture 13 AE_Render Transparent Video
  • Lecture 14 AE_Creating Motion Graphic Commercial
  • Lecture 15 AE_Working with Infographic Animation part 1(Basic Motion and Character Animation)

Video Compression - 1 Lecture

  • Lecture 16 How to Reduce Video Size Without Losing Quality

3D Camera - 3 Lectures

  • Lecture 36 How to Create Wedding E-cards
  • Lecture 37 Editing for Wedding Videos
  • Lecture 38 How to Make Wedding Highlights

Wedding Purpose - 5 Lecture

  • Lecture 20 AE_Making of Wedding E cards
  • Lecture 21 AE_How to Edit Prewedding Shoot (Color Grading)
  • Lecture 22AE_How to Editing Wedding Shoots Parts (Transitions)
  • Lecture 23AE_ Speedup Working using Templates
  • Lecture 24AE_BONUS CHAPTER_How to Create Diwali Greeting

Creative Effects Creation - 6 Lectures

  • Lecture 25 AE_Working with Effects in After effects part 1
  • Lecture 26 AE_Working with Effects in After effects part 2
  • Lecture 27 AE_Working with Effects in After effects part 3
  • Lecture 28 AE_Working with Effects in After effects part 4
  • Lecture 29 AE_Working with Effects in After effects part 5
  • Lecture 30 AE_Working with Effects in After effects part 6

Camera Tracking - 4 Lectures

  • Lecture 30 AE_One Point Camera Tracking
  • Lecture 31 AE_Four Point Camera Tracking
  • Lecture 32 AE_Multi Point Camera Tracking
  • Lecture 33 AE_Body Customization with Tracking and Effects

Color Grading - 2 Lectures

  • Lecture 34 AE_All About Color Correction and Day to Night Conversion part 1
  • Lecture 35 AE_Creating Day to Night Conversion part 2 part 1

Visual Effects - 9 Lectures

  • Lecture 36 AE_Introduction of VFX and How it Works
  • Lecture 37 AE_How to Make Custom VFX Shots
  • Lecture 38 AE_Understanding about roto scoping part 1
  • Lecture 39 AE_Understanding about roto scoping part 2
  • Lecture 40 AE_Understanding About Particle System in VFX
  • Lecture 41 AE_Creation with Particle System Part 1
  • Lecture 42 AE_Creation with Particle System Part 2
  • Lecture 43 AE_Realistic VFX Scene Making
  • Lecture 44 AE_Case Studies of Our Live Projects and how it is Created

Total 45 Lessons

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Get DUAL Certificate After Course

You will become Certified Professional After Course

visual effects Motion Graphics

Benefits of Our Certificate

  • Certificate is Valid in All over the World.
  • Certificate will help to get Job in Companies.
  • Certificate is Digital so you can attach it’s Link with Resume.
  • Certificate can be verified using barcode Anytime.
  • You can Proudly say “You Are Certified VFX Artist”.

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  • Our Support Team will help you in Solving Technical Queries.
  • Support Number is for WhatsApp Use Only.
  • Support Team will help in solving Course Related Query Only.
  • Support Timing-(Monday to Saturday)(10am to 7 Pm)

Meet Your Mentor

♦ Sir Vikas sharma is CEO of ASBA CORP which is Parent Company of OVS Learning

♦ Experience – 12+ Years

♦ Skill Set – CG Generalist

♦ He has Sound Knowledge of Entire Designing Industry

♦ Vikas sir is so Passionate About Technology and  Entrepreneurship

♦ He has Vision to Empower Indian Youth with Skill which will Help India to Become Capital of Skilled People in all Over the World.


Career Opportunities After Course

  1. Video Editor in Media House
  2. Own YouTube Channel
  3. Video Editor in Movies and Serials
  4. Events & Wedding Editor
  5. Advertise Designer in Ad Companies
  6. Freelance Video Editing
  7. You can start Your own Media and Advertise House
  8. Own Film Making Company
  9. VFX Artist in VFX Production
  10. Motion Graphic Artist
  11. Compositor
  12. Advertise Designer
  13. Rotoscope Artist
  14. Tracking and Match Move Artist
  15. You can start Your own Media and Advertise House
  16. Own Film Making Company
  17. Freelance VFX Artist
  18. and Many More…

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  • 1-This Course is Designed By Sir Vikas Sharma who has 12+ Year Experience in Industry
  • 2-During Your Course Our Dedicated Support Team will be Always Available to Help you 
  • 3-in this Price Range the Quality we are Providing in this course, Nobody is Providing (We Offer 100% Money Back Guarantee if Any Company or Professional Providing Course with Same Quality and Services )
  • 4-After this Course you don’t Require Any Other Course to Learn for Same Skill-Set
  • 1.We Takes this as Positive Side Because After Joining Course you Will Have Strong Reason to Buy System
  • 2.You Can Access Course in Mobile so you Don’t Need System to Learn but for Practice You Need System
  • 3.We Offer Extra Validity Addon to Those Candidates Who Don’t Have System Right Now but Planning to Buy in Future
  • 4.Our Team will also Help you in Purchasing Best System by Providing you Best System Configuration in Best Budget
  • 5.Our Many Students Join Designing Company as intern while Learning the Course and There they can do their Practice Easily  

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Offline Institute   

Online OVS Learning

1. You Can Not Revise Your Course Many Time

2. While Practicing at Home you will not Find Any Help

3. Offline Course Fee will Always High Because of Infrastructure and Qualified Teacher Cost

5.You will Get Support and Software Update During Your Course Duration Only

1.You Can Revise Course Many Time

2. While Practicing at Home Our Support Team Will Help You

3. Course Fee is Less in Compare to Offline Courses Because Experienced Teacher is Not Getting Engaged Again and Again  

4.You Will Get Support and Software Support till Course Validity(which is 10 Time of Your Course Duration)

Course Price Depend upon Mentor’s Experience

if you want to Learn for your Hobby only so can search for cheap Options but if you are Really Serious About Your Skill and Want to Learn Professionally so we will Suggest

Don’t Try to Find GOLD in the Price of IRON 

  • ♦”Yes… You Are Right” Today Many Scammers are Doing Online Fraud with People 
  • But OVS Learning is Govt Registered Firm 
  • ♦ From 2010 We Are Providing Educational Services in Ajmer, Rajasthan
  • We Are Registered in MSME, in GST Department, Our OVS Learning Trademark Also Registered with Govt. of India.
  • Our Main Office and Offline Academy is Located at
  • Cinemall, 4th Floor, Vaishali Nagar, Ajmer, 305001, Rajasthan
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We Hope These Proofs are Enough to Build Your Trust Toward OVS Learning (ASBA CORP)

  • “We Agree….” Today we can Learn Anything From YouTube 
  • Here are Few Comparison
    • ♦ YouTube Will Not Provide You Premium Content
    • ♦ YouTube Will Not Provide You Practice File
    • ♦ No Support Team Will Help You if You Face Any Difficulty
    • ♦ You Will Never Feel 100% Confidence About Your Skill
    • ♦ YouTube Always Teach Method but it Never Teach us Deep Concept Behind Method
    • ♦ You Will not Be Certified After Getting Education from YouTube
    • ♦ Companies Which Needs Certified Designers will Never Entertain those who Don’t Have Certificate
    • ♦ YouTube is Too Much Time Taking Process ( To Gain 10 Minute of Premium Knowledge you Need to Explore YouTube At least 5 Hour and Still No Guarantee You will Find it or Not)

We Accept All Payment Method

  • ♦ UPI (Phone Pay, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, Paytm Etc.)
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Common Q&A About Our Courses?

How Can I access Videos ? Online or Offline or any Software ?

  • We Will Provide you Our Education Portal Access for Learning, This Advance Portal will Help you to Learn Easily and will provide you all Facility Related to Better Learning.

What will be Refund Policy?

  • Honesty, we want serious learners in our eco-system who want to ACTUALLY IMPLEMENT advanced strategies and looking to grow their Business or agency. If you are here just to consume contents and doing nothing, please do not waste your valuable time and money. We do not provide refund. But I personally promise that The TRUST & TIME you are investing (forget about money), will be 10X worth for it.

How will i get my Certificate After Course?

  • After Complete Your Course Successfully our Portal will Generate Certificate for you which you can access and Download from your User Account.

What will be Required ?

  • You will need a Laptop / Computer + Internet Connection .
  • Basic Computer Knowledge.
  • What we want from you is dedication, hard-work and sincerely go through the course modules as described in chronological order

I don't have much technical knowledge. Can I learn from this ?

  • Definitely Yes!. We cover everything with STEP BY STEP Guided Video Tutorials. You just need to have basic computer literacy, knowledge of internet and sincere dedication.

How will I get Training ?

  • Once you make online payment, you will get Our Course Link and Password, Using that ID password you can Access our Online Portal and Learn from there.

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