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  • 21 Months Certification Program
  • Industry Standard Curriculum
  • Production Mentors
  • Get Opportunity to work with Top Level Companies After Course

Ultimate VFX  is a comprehensive that covers Visual effects course for advertising and television productions, and makes you a job-ready VFX professional. It gives a thorough grounding in the basic design fundamentals, CG Asset creation – both 2D & 3D (computer-generated), FX, dynamics & simulation, VFX techniques such as rotoscopy, roto-paint, keying, camera tracking & compositing. On completing the course, you will be able to master and specialise as a Visual Effects expert and produce a demo reel as per the industry standards. VFX is Most Trending Career Nowadays.

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Latest Curriculam

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Our Courses are Designed to make you Job Ready After Completing Course

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Our Faculty Members are Production Experienced with Reputed Companies

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Eligibility Criteria

Successful completion of 10 + 2 (any stream)
Undergraduates and graduates are welcome to apply


Course Duration

(1.5 hours a day for 3 days a week)


Do you find visual effects (VFX) fascinating? Do you have aspirations of producing breathtaking effects that animate video games and films? If so, your first step to a fulfilling job could be to enroll in a visual effects course. The need for talented VFX artists is growing, therefore this is the ideal moment to invest in your studies and follow this fascinating career path.

Industry Growth and Job Opportunities:

1. Expanding VFX Industry: As more motion pictures, television series, and video games depend on breathtaking visual effects to engage viewers, there is a growing demand for VFX. Talented VFX artists have a lot of career options because to this growth.

2. Growth of Digital Media: As streaming services and digital platforms proliferate, there is an increasing need for eye-catching visual effects. Because of this, there is an increasing demand for talented VFX artists who can provide captivating effects for a range of media platforms.

3. Technological Developments: Thanks to technology, VFX is now more sophisticated than ever. With the strong tools and software available to them today, artists can produce immersive experiences and lifelike effects. You may learn how to utilize these tools to produce incredible effects by enrolling in a visual effects school.

4. Diverse Career Paths: Enrolling in a visual effects degree can open up a wide range of fascinating job options. As a VFX artist, you can pursue a variety of career options in advertising, digital media, gaming, TV, movies, and more.

5. International Collaboration: Working on VFX projects, artists from all over the world are frequently involved. In addition to improving creativity, this worldwide connection creates chances to collaborate on cross-border projects and pick up skills from artists from other cultures.

You will Learn

Module 1- Graphic Designing and Visualization (5 Month)

  • Industry Overview and Career Opportunity
  • Designing Fundamental
  • Perspective Drawing Techniques
  • Working with Illustration Design
  • Designing for Digital Industry
  • Designing for User Interface and Experience
  • Designing for Advertise Industry
  • Designing for Gaming Industry
  • Designing for Print & Publication Industry
  • Detail working with Image Manipulation and Editing
  • Portfolio Submission

Module 2- Audio/Visual Editing (3 Month)

video editing
  • Industry Overview and career Opportunity
  • Editing Fundamental in Music and Videos
  • Working with Audio Editing
  • Working with Music Manipulation
  • Detail working with Visual Designing
  • Detail Working with Video Editing and All Effects
  • Concept of Digital Filmmaking and Live Project
  • Concept of Lighting and Rendering
  • Concept of Motion Graphics
  • Concept of Visual Advertising and Live Project
  • Concept of Documentary Creation and Live Project
  • Creating all Effects for Movies
  • Portfolio Submission
  • Live Project Submission

Module 3 - Advance 3D Animation (7 Month)

3d animation
  • Industry Overview and career Opportunity
  • Concept of Modelling for 3D Animation
  • Assets Modelling for Various Theme and Platforms
  • Complete Texturing for Models
  • CG Lighting Creation for 3D Production
  • Working with Rigging
  • Working with Character Animation
  • Generating Dynamics
  • Creation with Cloth FX
  • Working with Rendering
  • Portfolio Submission

Module 4 - Visual Effects Specialisation (4 Month)

  • Industry Overview and career Opportunity
  • Working with Motion Graphics
  • Working with 3D Layer System
  • Layer based compositing
  • Clean plate & wire removal
  • Concepts of set extension & CG integration
  • Realistic digital environments
  • Wire removal
  • Detail working with Chroma, Rotoscope
  • Advanced particle effects
  • Match Moving and Tracking
  • Merge 3D Assets or Character with Composition
  • Colour Grading and Manipulation Techniques
  • Making of Variety of Visual Effects
  • Live action compositing
  • Portfolio Submission
  • Live project Submission

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Career Opportunities After Course

Graphic Designer

Video Editor

Motion Designer

Ad Designer

3D Modeler

3D Rigger

3D Animator

CG Generalist


VFX Designer


Own Company


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