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Career Opportunities After Course

3D Modeling Artist

3D Texturing Atrist

3D Lighting Artist

3D Mockup Designer

3D Advertise Designer

Game Asset Designer

Game BG Designer




Do you find 3D animation to be fascinating? Would you like to learn more about the world of making animation? If so, taking an online course in 3D animation might be the best method for you to succeed. The need for talented animators is growing, so this is the ideal moment to get started on your online animation education.

Growing Opportunities:

1. Demand for Animators: To produce engaging 3D animations, animation studios, game businesses, and film production houses are in high demand for skilled animators. This makes the profession of animation lucrative and full of career prospects.

2. Versatile Animation Tool: With 3D animation, you can create dynamic and lifelike animations for a wide range of industries, such as advertising, education, and entertainment. This opens up a world of creative expression and narrative possibilities.

3. Key Competency in Digital Media: With animations being utilized to captivate and amuse viewers in films, TV series, commercials, and video games, proficiency in 3D animation is becoming more and more crucial in the digital media sector.

4. comfortable Learning: You may learn at your own speed and from the comfort of your home with online 3D animation classes, which offer an accessible and comfortable learning environment.

5. Creative Expression: 3D animation offers a platform for artistic exploration and narrative, allowing you to express your imagination and bring characters and places to life.

You will Learn- 3D Animation

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Maya - Course Syllabus

  1. Learning about Installation and System Requirement
  2. Understanding About Interface and Short cuts training for Handeling
  3. Start working with Basic Modeling Tools and Technique
  4. Creating Shapes using Primitives Modification
  5. Understanding about Extrude method and modeling
  6. Making of Reference for 3D
  7. Understanding Detail Modeling tools Part 1
  8. Understanding Detail Modeling tools Part 2
  9. Antique Telephone Product Design Part 1
  10. Antique Telephone Product Design Part 2
  11. Fast Modeling Using Nurbs Part-1
  12. Fast Modeling Using Nurbs Part-2
  13. Product Modeling Tutorial Class 1
  14. Product Modeling Tutorial Class 2
  15. Understanding About Texturing
  16. Creating Textures in Photoshop
  17. Planer UV Concept
  18. Cylinder UV Concept
  19. Sphere UV Concept
  20. Camera base UV Concept
  21. Detail UV Working and Texture Creation
  22. How to Install Render Engine
  23. User Interface with material
  24. Material with texture and maps using
  25. How to use HDRI and change environment
  26. Importing cameras and creating cameras
  27. Light setup and settings
  28. How to Animation camera & Light & objects
  29. How to a Render single frame and video render
  30. How to a render jewelry
  31. Pepsi Can With Splash Render
  32. Render a perfume
  33. Modeling for Nescafé Advertise
  34. Texturing for Nescafé Advertise
  35. Lighting and Render for Nescafé Advertise
  36. Understanding About Camera in 3D World
  37. Animation concept for camera
  38. Graph Editor for Animation

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Meet Your Mentor

♦ Vikas sharma sir is Founder &  CEO of OVS Learning

♦ Experience – 13+ Years

♦ Skill Set – CG Generalist (From Graphic to Visual Effects he has details knowledge About Every Field)

♦ He has Industry Experience from Major Animation Production House

♦ Vikas sir is so Passionate About Technology and  Entrepreneurship

♦ He has Vision to Empower Indian Youth with Skill which will Help India to Become Capital of Skilled People in all Over the World.


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We Will Provide you Our Education Portal Access for Learning, This Advance Portal will Help you to Learn Easily and will provide you all Facility Related to Better Learning.

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if you WORK HARD SINCERELY  so you will surely Achieve Good Level, Your Success will Totally Depend on Your Smartness and Hardwork, One thing I can assure you, that we have actually implemented above services successfully in our business over the years. So better to take first step and see how far you go.

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After Complete Your Course Successfully our Portal will Generate Certificate for you which you can access and Download from your User Account.

What will be Required ?

You will need a Laptop / Computer + Internet Connection . Basic Computer Knowledge. What we want from you is dedication, hard-work and sincerely go through the course modules as described in chronological order

I don't have much technical knowledge. Can I learn from this ?

Definitely Yes!. We cover everything with STEP BY STEP Guided Video Tutorials. You just need to have basic computer literacy, knowledge of internet and sincere dedication.

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Once you make online payment, you will get Our Course Link and Password, Using that ID password you can Access our Online Portal and Learn from there.

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Complete Lecture will be in Hindi, Easy to Understand.

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Honesty, we want serious learners in our eco-system who want to ACTUALLY IMPLEMENT advanced strategies and looking to grow their Business or agency. If you are here just to consume contents and doing nothing, please do not waste your valuable time and money. We do not provide refund. But I personally promise that The TRUST & TIME you are investing (forget about money), will be 10X worth for it.

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